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Hey guys im Tiffany im just a simple 17 year old from Ontario living a chaotic life that involved balancing horseback riding, school work, and my somewhat non-existent social life.
if any of you guys ever need someone to talk to my ask is always open i wont judge you <3
This is my new barn friend named Dr. George &lt;3



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So for those of you who don’t know, this magnificent horse is Alex. (I do not own Alex he still belongs to my riding school) Alex is the horse that has absolutely stolen my heart, since day one four years ago when I walked down to the yards at my new barn a girl introduced me to Alex. A bay, 16 going on 17, 17.hh  thoroughbred gelding and straight away the first thing I thought was ‘whoa I haven’t seen a horse with a marking like that before, he is so gorgeous!’ And as I thought that he wandered over to greet me and my friend, and once he realised I didn’t have any treats for him (yet) he sniffed my cheek then sneezed on my face and then licked my cheek, and that was the moment I fell in love with this horse. 4 years later and I still love him with all of my heart. Yesterday on the 11th of September Alex turned the big 21, and due to being absolutely swamped with school assessment I haven’t been able to visit him yet. Next Friday he will be getting very, very pampered :) Anyway this gentle giant has taught countless riders ranging from 2 years old- 60 years old, he is so careful with all of his riders and is such a good sport. The riding school absolutely treasures this horse and so do I. Before coming to the riding school Alex was a successful dressage horse who did a bit of eventing. And still to this day he thinks he thinks he is still a show horse with unlimited amounts of sass and spunk. I remember one day we were having a mini gymkhana and we were doing bending and he did flying changes all through them and still managed to carry the little beginner person safely on his back, and to this day he has played such an important part in my life. I know every thing about this horse from his pedigree to his favourite treat, favourite scratchy spots and all of his quirks. Did I mention he loves photos? He also loves a selfie or two! He is such a unique, one in a million horse. I can not thank or repay him enough for always being ready to lighten up my day. He is such a special horse and I could talk forever about how perfect he is. No matter how old this horse gets he will forever remain as my number one dream horse. Happy birthday to my champion &lt;3 

is that rodney in the background????

yes that is the resident turkey called rodney in the background :’) 


Natalie Blundell &amp; Algebra’s nasty fall at Burghley - both are okay, apparently just some ligament damage for Nat…

oh my god

My horse smells strongly of blueberries. I literally couldn’t ask for more.

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Tim Clarke and Caltango (Fulla)
Sydney World Cup Qualifier 2013 - World Cup Qualifier Grand Prix
Photo: Stephen Mowbray

I love her!